Although this series features one of the most popular presidents in United States history, demand for these coins is fairly high, but they are abundantly available at most coin dealers and on the Internet. Most collectors remember the day in November when President Kennedy was assassinated. The United States Mint released the first coins in and people scrambled to get a souvenir to remember this popular president.

The mint produced more than million coins at the Philadelphia mint and more than million coins at the Denver mint facility. Given the low demand for Kennedy half-dollar errors and varieties, most are extremely affordable for collectors of all means.

A careful search of the Internet or inquiry at your local coin dealer will yield several examples for you to evaluate. Beginning collectors will want to look for examples as they search their rolls for the following errors and varieties because they carry a premium over the normal common specimens.

The hair above Kennedy's hair has a few more incused lines making his hair look more pronounced. The lower left serif seems to be truncated or missing. You will see a slight doubling near the tops of the letter.

Some D coins minted in Denver can also be doubled dies. In mint marks were punched by hand into the coin dies. The workmen at the mint facility punched the "S" upside down.

Normally the upper hook of the S is smaller than the lower hook. In this variety, the upper hook is larger than the lower. Silver clad planchets were also used in to produce the circulating commemorative American Bicentennial half-dollars. Once again, some of these silver-clad planchets were used to make Kennedy half-dollars dated A production error occurred on the obverse coin die in The letters on the coin appear to be doubled. In the middle ofthe mint replaced the obverse hubs for the Kennedy half-dollars.

1988 p dime rim error

Once again inthe hub was redone, and the mint mark was less pronounced and flatter. Additionally, the ends of the hook on the "S" have a bulbous end that is very pronounced.Zach's writing ranges from matters of gardening, cooking, aquariums, and fish to more niche topics like coin collecting.

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It's fairly easy to say that Roosevelt Dimes are one of Americas's most forgotten about coins. With billions upon billions produced, these small coins pass through thousands of hands each day. Sadly, these unique little gems are shoved into pockets and coin pouches without so much as even a glance at the actual coins. They're almost too common to be noticed! Don't let commonality fool you though.

Utilizing a keen eye, there are many valuable Roosevelt Dimes that can be found in circulation. In this article, we'll discuss the history of the Roosevelt Dime, common values for key dates, and go over a complex valuable dime error list!

Keep reading to learn more. The first year of mintage for the Roosevelt Dime was in At this time in history, United States coinage was shifting towards designs that depicted and honored previous U. Featuring Franklin D. Roosevelt, these dimes became the official replacement for the previously minted Mercury Dimes.

Below, you'll find a few key notes about the history of the Roosevelt Dime. If you're interested in investing in silver, but have a tight budget to work with, early Roosevelt Dimes could make for a great starting place. Besides the silver value of the pre mintages, it's unfortunate to report that there are very few regular-minted Roosevelt Dimes that are worth more than their melt values. However, throughout the years there have been a handful of scarce mintage years.

These Roosevelt Dimes are known as Key Dates, and their values are listed below. When seeking value in the Roosevelt Dime collection, one must pay close attention to error coins. Rare Roosevelt Dime errors will definitely pull the highest premiums! Since many Roosevelt Dime errors can be found in circulation, taking that extra second or two to scan through your pocket change might just pay off! With a lot luck, you still may be able to find these coins floating around out there! These coins were minted at the San Francisco Mint and were never released directly into circulation.

They are found in old proof sets. Miscellaneous Dime Errors— Every year, a handful of dimes containing a wide range of errors will escape from the mint. They often contain one of the following traits. Coin values are directly based on their Grade or condition. Its important to understand the Grading Scale in order to properly place a value on your Roosevelt Dime. While most of the value contained in the Roosevelt Dime collection lies with the error varieties, it doesn't mean that they aren't still fun to collect.

In fact, the low collecting pressure put on Roosevelt Dimes means that they are a great way to inexpensively put together an entire collection of U. As silver prices continue to rise, you may have to purchase the early years of mintage, but the rest of the Roosevelt Dime collection should be easy to find in circulation.

Overall, Roosevelt Dimes are a great way for beginner collectors to get "their foot in the door". Thanks for reading this guide on Roosevelt Dimes and valuable dime errors!

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.Mint Errors and varieties are classified by three divisions to help define when and how they occur.

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Listed below are the three divisions. Choose which you think applies to your error or variety coin by clicking the link or image, or use the search feature. Also it is very important to learn the coin minting process before looking for mint errors so check out our guide Coin Minting Process.

Planchet Division. The Planchet Division errors happen when the alloy is being mixed and during and just after the creation of the planchet, but before the coin is struck by the working dies. Plating Issue — Split Planchet — Lamination.

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Struck On Foreign Planchet. Die Variety Division. The Die Division occurs during the creation of the die or during the use of the die as it breaks down and begins to crack apart. Striking Division.

Mint Error Coin Values – Images

The Striking Division is mint errors that occur during the strike and can sometimes be dramatic. Waffled Coins. Strike Doubling. Twitter Facebook Pinterest LinkedIn. Subscribe to my channel. Ultimate Doubled Die Variety Video! Are Die Cracks Valuable? Does Your Coin Weigh Wrong?Coins that have been struck outside the collar that holds the coin in place when it is struck. The coin is incorrectly centered with part of the design missing. Unknown Peace Dollar ?

Susan B. Clipped Planchets coin blanks Coins that are incomplete due to improperly cut blanks.

Copper Dime: 4 Things You Should Know to Get Max Value

If the steel rod that punches out blanks overlaps a previously cut portion of the coinage strip, a clipped blank results. Values of clipped planchets depend on the coin, the type of clip and the percentage missing from what would be a normal coin. Clips are categorized as curved, straight, ragged, incomplete and elliptical. Generally the more severe and interesting the error the more valuable the coin. When a piece falls out of the die, coins struck from the damaged die show a raised lump or cud where the design is missing.

Value depends on the size and placement of the die break or cud. Lincoln Cents copper Lincoln Cents zinc Liberty Nickels ? Jefferson Nickels —. Barber Dimes ? Washington Quarter Franklin Half Dollar ? Dollar — Susan B.


Caused by dirt or gas trapped in the strip as it is rolled out to the prescribed thickness. In the case of clad coins, the outer layer may be completely or partially missing on one or both sides. Sometimes the plating is partially or completely missing, resulting in cents with a silvery looking surface on part or all of the coin.

Broadstrikes Broadstrikes are coins that were struck outside the retaining collar. Without the collar the coins spread outand are larger than the normal pieces. If the coin normally has a reeded edge it will be missing from a broadstruck coin.Discussion in ' Error Coins ' started by BrandoniakMay 3, Log in or Sign up.

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Coin Talk. Hello everyone, I just found this quarter in the register at my work. I included a regular quarter to the right of it just for reference and the other side looks normal to me, but I'm no expert.

BrandoniakMay 3, Log in or Sign up to hide this ad. Very interesting StangMay 3, BrandoniakMay 8, It looks like the type I have also I have attached pics. BrandoniakMay 15, Welcome to CT, Brandon. I don't know much about this kind of error, and don't want to get you overly excited, but it seems to me that the obverse strike is too sharp for that coin to have lost it's lamination after striking. It looks like it may have been struck with only the two layers and not the normal three.

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I'm sure that some CT members that know more about these errors will be around soon to tell you more. Looks like it could be missing the obverse clad layer. Nice find! BrandoniakMay 17, Looks good to me Alright, took it to another local coin dealer, these guys were much more knowledgeable.

Despite the fact that they were apparently closed for inventory but had the front door open, they were still willing to take a look at my coin. It weighed in at around 4 grams they didn't say the exact weight when it should be around 5. They said it was too bad it was so damaged, since error collectors usually want something a little more pristine.Generally dimes are made of a combination of copper and nickel, with copper having the higher percentage of the composition.

A copper dime is made of It is also the smallest in terms of diameter and the thinnest of all US coins. The dime was first presented inand was distributed in six different variations, namely: the Draped Bust, Capped Bust, Seated Liberty, Barber, Winged Liberty Head and the Roosevelt, which is the current variation of dime in circulation today.

All of these dimes have shiny silver surfaces, not one of them exhibiting the brownish copper color on its surface, save for the Disme, but they were never circulated. Dimes are made primarily of copper, and are coated with a mixture of copper and nickel to give the coin the appearance of a shiny silver surface. When the copper-nickel mixture wears off, the coin exposes its copper under layer, thus the brownish color of its surface. This occurrence is considered an error, as the silver surface is not supposed to wear off.

This error is called the clad coin. There have been instances when the topmost layer of nickel and copper mixture did not adhere on both sides of the dime, but it rarely happens. Usually only one of the sides, either the obverse or the reverse, fails to make the nickel layer adhere to the surface of the coin. Before the dimes are distributed for circulation, they are examined if clad coins are included, and they are removed. So when a coin or two escapes from the watchful eyes of the people in the United States Mint and gets out into circulation, they are regarded rare and have higher values than what they are really worth, which is ten cents.

Before we delve into how much these types of error coins are worth, there are three things that determine their worth. There are dimes that do not have clads on one part of the surface, the entire surface on one side is free of the top layer, or both sides are missing the clad. The more surface area the dime has no shiny silver layer, the more value it will fetch at auction. It may not be much money, but it is far more than the ten cents that a dime is originally worth.

If you have one or more of the six variations of the dime whose surfaces are devoid of the nickel layer — whether it is only a part or the whole of the coin — you can sell them at auction for more than their face value. Or you can hold on to them and start being a numismatist. Before you let go of those rare dimes, you first have to know some things that will help you in selling them at their maximum price:.

All of these things will help you determine how much your copper dimes can be worth. Keep looking for them in your stash or in bank rolls, there are more out there waiting to be discovered. You must be logged in to post a comment. This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. You can read the full disclosure here. The grade of the dime is one of the most important factors in determining how much they are worth.

Look for coin grading guides on the Internet to help you grade the dimes that you have. Another factor is the rarity of the coin.

1988 p dime rim error

The more scarce the coin, the more value it will fetch. There are certain scales that determine how rare the coin in your possession is.

The demand on the coin is another factor. If more people are looking for copper dimes, then the more value it will fetch. The liquidity indicates how rapid the coin will sell.Search CCF Members. Active Users. There are currentlyusers on this website.

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1988 p dime rim error

Register Now! Ross Son. Hello, Finally I think I found the right place to post my questions about coins as I do my coin roll hunting. I found this P dime and right off the bet it looked different.

1988-P Dime - Strike Error

I compared against another dime of the same year and mint mark and the differences are too great to just bypass it. Here is a side by side picture.

The coin in question is the one on the right. The one on the left is what you commonly see. Notice the differences on all the letters, date and mint mark in terms of thickness. Also the rim is wider on the coin in question.

Part V. Planchet Errors:

Close up of the coin question The mint mark and the first "9" is doubled die. I hope you can see it in the picture. The reverse also has a wider rim when compared to the normal P dime. Report this Post to the Staff. Looks normal but with die wear. Hair detail. Note the area where the motto and front of the face is. Note the lines that are in the fields in that area?

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