You can sell and trade rare products there.

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This game is more than a simple shopping game. It merges RPG elements into the game — which means that you can build your weapons and armors for your own heroes, help them and support them during the fighting. You final goal in the game is to create a unique powerful shop in the village and expand your titan shop business around the world.

Learn the craft lesson firstly. As a craft man, you need to know how to craft resource quickly and smartly. Fortunately, the game has provided a quick tutorial for new players to get started.

shop titans cheats

Remember every weapon and armor is made of ingredients with unique formula. As long as you know how to get the required ingredients and formula, you will make a product easily. To complete the tutorial, you just need to follow the instruction of the screen. Your first weapon should be a simple knife. Once you gather all the materials of the knife, you just need to click the formula button and tap produce.

Then you will see a progress bar loading in the center of your main screen. It will take you about three minutes to complete the process. It sounds simple to produce your first weapon. How to craft rare resource? Many players wonder if they can collect enough rare resource to finish the rare products for their heroes.

The answer is yes.

Shop Titans Guide – Tips, Tricks & Cheats

You just have to make sure your shop is above level Then a hidden map called Summer Forest will open. You can craft rare materials there. Just prepared yourself well when going into Summer Forest for rare materials. It is a dangerous place for many players. Gems are very important in this game. Frankly speaking, it can help you do everything in the game. One of the most quickly way to earn gems is using Shop Titans hack.

Based on our research, there are some top players are using this service to stay top in the ranking list in this game. So try it if you want it.Our new update is tomorrow! Shop Titans has been around for a good while now and managed to become quite the gem amongst other mobile RPGs.

A new update for Shop Titans has been released, which added an oft-requested guild feature plus a special limited-time event and other enhancements.

SHOP TITANS 傳奇商店: QUICK $Ms & 💎 from RUNESTONES (elements sold for $90k profit each or gems)

Kabam Games, Inc. With a full guild, city buildings level up fast, bounties get done and Guild Renown flows in. By spending Renown, guild officers can unlock powerful permanent upgrades and temporary boosts that benefit the whole guild. Bounties can be undertaken by any player above level Bounty tasks can vary between crafting items, collecting components, or even just interacting with your customers such as surcharging or discounting.

These belong to you personally, so feel free to spend them however you want. One of the coolest rewards to purchase is one of the three Grab Bags. Each one contains a random reward, which can range from useful boosters to Ascension Shards, or even exclusive decorations.

Investing in the city and helping guild members speed up their upgrade timers will also reward you with Guild Coins. It certainly pays to help out.

By challenging its guardian and collecting the Pure Gold found within, the entire guild can unlock amazing rewards, including an extremely valuable exclusive blueprint. Collecting all this Pure Gold is no small feat, however, and the whole guild will need to give it their all to make the magic happen.

Due to the limited window of opportunity, this event is an excellent opportunity to make use of your special items, such as Phoenix Feathers to rest your party, Loot bugles to gather more Pure Gold, and Power Boosters to tackle the tougher monsters. Need some Glowing Shrooms to craft that Healing Potion? Go to the market and submit a request for free! A generous guildmate might just give you what you need.

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Of course, generosity goes both ways. Make sure to stay attentive and fulfill other guildmate requests whenever possible. By Elton Jones. Updated Dec 1, at am. Find an Appropriate Guild for Your Level. Kabam Games' mobile RPG Shop Titans has added a new guild feature that you'll want to take advantage of with this developer curated tips guide.Last Updated on December 31, In the Shop Titans game, your goal is to make money by selling the gears to the customers who visit your shop now and then. Also, expand the shop so that you can place more furniture items in the shop.

To expand the shop, upgrade or install furniture items, you will need loads of gold coins, which you earn from the customers. There are three types of characters in this game; heroes, champions, and the workers. You can use the heroes and champions in the quests read our old guide on this game for the quest details. Unlike heroes, champions are more advanced characters; because of their powerful skills and stats.

The workers in the game help you in crafting weapons, armors, and accessories. Heroes — You can spend the gold as well as gems to recruit the heroes.

First, tap the characters button Chars. All these heroes have different stats as well as skills. Since you can choose only one out of all the available choices, it would be hard to pick the best one. In this case, we would recommend comparing their stats: —. Once recruited, you will see that character in the heroes section under the character menu. Tap it and equip the gears.

You can learn about the heroes in our guide link is given above in the first paragraph. You can send the champions on the quests. And you need champion coins to hire a champion. For example; To unlock Lilu, you need 25 Lilu points.

shop titans cheats

These champions visit the shop randomly; so make sure to pay attention to every customer and try to fulfill their needs at any cost. Once you have enough, you will unlock that champion character and use them in the quests. Additionally, you need more of their points to rank up. For example; To rank up Argon champion nameyou need 5 Argon champion points.

Keep serving all the customers and you will eventually get this opportunity. You can also obtain champion coins from the chests. Workers help you craft the items. Head to the character menu and tap on the worker avatar to check his ability to craft specific items.

For example — Wallace Blacksmith crafts gears in the shop. You can hire workers from the city. Now, this part is all about how to get the characters. Next, we will learn how to increase the level of these characters and get more benefits. There is a different way of leveling up for each type of character. Heroes and Champions — Send these characters on the quests and they will gain experience points. Their level will increase once they hit the XP cap on the current level.

Workers — Workers earn experience points when you craft the items. To grant EXP to a particular character, you need to craft the item in which they are professional. For example; Wallace is a blacksmith and earns EXP when you craft the weapons. Allan is a carpenter who earns EXP when you craft the wooden items.But what if you could obtain them for free?

There are several sites out there that offer hacks, generators or cheat codes. These sites promise you free gems and coins by simply clicking a few buttons, but is it really that simple? We tested them to find out. The game quickly became popular and has been downloaded over a million times on both platforms. Shop Titans is very fun, but there have been a lot of people complaining about the amount of gems you need in the game.

There are quite a few reviews similar to the one above. People really enjoy playing Shop Titans but the fact that they need so many gems prevents them from enjoying the game to the fullest extent. There are many sites on the internet that offer players like you cheat codes, gem generators or other hack tools. Usually it takes a lot of time to determine which ones actually work and which ones are a waste of your time, but not any more.

5 Shop Titans: Craft & Build Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

There are many forum posts, YouTube videos and other websites that claim to have working hacks for the game. Usually these sites look quite similar to one another. They have a fairly simple, but realistic looking user interface that looks something like this:. Since there are so many of these sites out there, testing them out was pretty time consuming.

We tested them all out, making sure to fill in all the information they requested without making any mistakes. However, none of these websites gave us any free gems. These videos are easily fabricated through the use of video editing software. If you come across a website that claims to be able to add thousands of gems into your account with the click of a button, stay far away. There are also sites that go a different route. Instead of offering you their gem hack they claim to have working cheat codes that you can enter into the game to unlock in app purchases for free.

However, what these sites refrain from telling you is HOW you enter the codes into the game. However, it is possible to obtain them through an alternative method. The guide lays out the exact process in a step by step format. That way you can simply follow along with the steps and obtain the resources you need in no time. The guide works on both the iOS and Android version of the game, so no matter what platform you play on you can take advantage of it.

And most importantly: the guide is free and does not require any human verification in order to be accessed.He's got the low down on what really works.

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Shop Titans: Design & Trade Cheat Codes, Hacks & Free Gems Guide

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shop titans cheats

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