It is primarily used by the Thief class, and involves stealing an item from an opponent. Its upgrade, Mugdeals damage and steals in the same turn. In some games, if a player steals an item from an opponent, it will not drop items after battle. Steal is part of the Thief job class. When stealing from an enemy, it will always attempt to steal from the rarest item first, then go down the list until either an item is stolen, or the steal fails.

Steal also known as Sneak can be used by the Ninja Edge. Steal has a Charge Time of 0. He can only steal items which are commonly dropped.

FF7 - How To Get A Gold Chocobo Faster, Sooner \u0026 Cheaper Without Racing!

If he fails, there is a chance he will take damage. Edge is able to steal multiple times from the same enemy. The cap will be reached when Edge is at least 24 levels higher than the target. The Steal command is part of the Sneak glitch that works in the certain versions. Edge's Steal ability has been upgraded to Mug. The ninja Tsukinowa has Steal.

Steal has a Charge Time of 0 and items can be stolen multiple times from the same enemy. The Thief's Gloves doubles success rate. Common and rare steals appear for the first time. Most often, a character will steal a common item, but there is a slight chance of stealing a rare one. Steal is Locke's special ability. This value is doubled if Locke has a Thief's Bracer equipped.

The optional character Gogo may also use Steal. Dischord also helps with improving the success rate for both Steal and Mug. HarvestersPunishersMugbearsand Dadaluma can steal from the party, but it works like Steal Gil. If the monster s or the party escapesthe party loses the stolen gil. If the enemy is defeated and the battle is won, the party will gain the stolen gil in the battle results. In Locke's scenario at South Figarohe can steal clothes from Cadets and Merchants to disguise himself.

Yuffie stealing. Steal is the ability on a level 1 Steal Materia. As the Materia levels up Steal is replaced by Mug. The Steal command steals an item from the enemy, whereas Mug inflicts damage as well. The formula each of the Steal abilities use for working out the success rate uses the attacker's levelthe target's level, the item's number, and a random element.

Steal is also an enemy ability known by Vice and Prowlerwhich takes an item from the target's inventory but not items that cannot be sold or thrownand if no valid items are available, then nothing will be stolen. The Magic Pot will counter with Gimme if the player does not give him Elixirsand will randomly take an item from the player's inventory.

The enemy has to be killed to get it back, else it will escape with it. Aerith stealing. Steal can be purchased from Chadley after completing Battle Intel Report 7 to exploit weaknesses of 15 enemy types.

The Assess Materia can reveal enemies that hold useful items.Learn how to get the Steal materia, the skills learned from the Steal materia, as well as how much AP it takes to level up the Steal materia. List of Contents. You can buy this useful Command materia from Chadley after you complete one of his Battle Intel Reports where you exploit the weaknesses of 15 types of enemies.

Click the link below for a list of all Battle Intel Reports and how to complete them. List of Battle Intel Reports and Rewards. List of Materia. I missed the one item worth stealing in this game, the Bladed Staff.

I didn't expect one of the weapons to only be available that way.

steal ff7

And its ability is Lustrous Shield too, which I really wanted to get at some point. So heads up if anybody reads this before finding out about it.

I'm going to replay that one chapter just to get it after I finish the story. You can save a comment for later by giving it a Like. As a member: Get access to several features! Command Materia. How to Get the Steal Materia. Discussion Board. The mocap actors for the game only just start work. This prove the game is still in the very early stage of development. So the early trailer for part 2 is likely be in and the release date is likely Questions Board. Hope this helps!

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Final Fantasy VII Steal

No minimum to No maximum. Off-topic Review Activity. When enabled, off-topic review activity will be filtered out. This defaults to your Review Score Setting. Read more about it in the blog post. Excluding Off-topic Review Activity.The Bladed Staff is a weapon for Aerith. Its weapon upgrade cores heavily emphasize Crit and Luck, so be prepared to get Aerith's Luck up as much as possible to take full advantage of the critical hits this weapon is capable of. The biggest draw, however, is its unique ability, Lustrous Shield.

This is a perfect ability for Aerith, as it enables her to stay put on her Arcane Ward a bit easier. As mentioned earlier, the Bladed Staff is very easy to miss, especially if you don't take care to Assess every enemy you come across. You'll encounter Eligor right after the main scenario "Clear the Way. You must have unlocked Steal Materia no later than Chapter 9.

This report required you to exploit the weaknesses of 15 enemy types, which should have been easy to accomplish before Chapter 8. So, she's able to dish out abilities fast and often.

Tifa's Luck is also naturally pretty high, and Luck affects the success rate of Steal. Basically, you want a character with high Luck and Speed to maximize your chance of getting it and the attempts you have to do so. One of us got the Bladed Staff on our second Steal attempt, but it can potentially take much longer. When you're successful, a notification will pop up like in the screenshot above.

Yes, we know that's Aerith in the picture - but we were Stealing with Tifa! That's about all there is to getting the Bladed Staff, one of the most easily miss-able weapons in the game. Make sure to see Weapons List - How to Get Every Weapon to make sure not to miss anything else, but here's a quick list of just a few other miss-able weapon runner-ups. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Wiki Guide. Last Edited: 17 Apr pm.

Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Developers CyberConnect2, Square Enix. Release Date April 10, Table of Contents.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Learn rare items you should steal, how to steal with Steal Materia.

steal ff7

You can use Steal from your command menu by equipping Steal Materia. You can increase the chance of stealing an item by using Steal with the character with high luck.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to Steal

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How to Get the Steal Materia | FF7 Remake

Looks like nobody posted here yet Read on. Article Menu. Most Popular. Featured Titles.It attempts to steal an item from an enemy. In addition to being used as a command ability, Steal can also be attempted with the Steal as well Materia. Aeris and Cid using Steal. Steal attempts to take an item from an enemy, and if successful, will place it in the player's inventory.

It can be paired with several Support Materiaalthough few of them are useful. The formula for working out the steal success rate uses the attacker's levelthe target's level, the item's number, and a random element. The sum works out the difference between the user and the target's level, and then adds 40 to it and caps at As an example, if the user's level is 50, and the enemy's level is 25, the result is The next step includes multiplication and division.

The answer to the first equation is multiplied bybefore being divided bybefore the result is truncated to reach a whole number. In the example earlier, the result would be The next step is to include the item's chance.

In the example used above, the enemy is a Tonberryan enemy one cannot fight outside the Battle Square. The only item a Tonberry has is a Turbo Ether. In this case, the Turbo Ether has an item chance of 8. So it would be multiplied by 8, and divided by This is The final part of the equation adds the random element. This means a number between 0 and 63 is randomly selected. If the random number is less than or equal to the Chance, then the item is stolen.

In this case there are eleven results that end in the item being stolen, and 53 of it not being. This means there is a If an enemy has more than one item, the game does the calculation on the item in the first slot, and if it fails, repeats the calculation in the next slot, and then on until an item has been stolen, or it fails in all of them.

steal ff7

This means that if a user's level is high enough, they will encounter problems stealing items in slots after the first one. As an example, the Bagrisk has a Soft in its first slot with a chance of 32, a second Soft with another chance of 32, and a Vagyrisk Claw as its third and final slot with a chance of eight.

The Bagrisk is level The explanation is: the first slot is 32; that multiplied byand then divided by is Considered one of the staples of the Final Fantasy series, Steal is an ability that allows you to steal items from enemies.

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Unfortunately, the Steal ability is locked behind the Steal Materiawhich is available to purchase from Chadley after completing the Battle Intel Report 7. This particular Battle Intel Report will not be available until you reach Chapter 8.

Having unlocked and purchased the Steal Materia for Chadley, you will want to equip the Materia to one of your weapons. This will in turn add a Steal option to your abilities menu HUD. The ATB point will be used whether you receive an item or not. Always remember that stealing isn't something that's always granted and can take several attempts before you manage to receive the item.

This list will break down every item and how you can steal it in game. The most important item you can steal is the Bladed Staff, since stealing it is the only way you can acquire it. The rest of these items can be found or purchased elsewhere but free is always great. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Wiki Guide. Last Edited: 14 Apr pm.

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Learn more about an Enemies stats, abilities, and more in our detailed Enemies guide here. Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Developers CyberConnect2, Square Enix. Release Date April 10, Table of Contents. Rude in Ch. The Iron Maiden can be stolen from the following enemies : M.

H Unit - Found in the Shinra Building. The Magician's Bracelet can be stolen from: Reno in Ch. The Potion consumable can be stolen from the following enemies: Guard Dog Terpsicolt. The Echo Mist consumable can be stolen from the following enemies: Cutter Sledgeworm. The Phoenix Down consumable can be stolen from the following enemies: Lesser Drake.

The Spiderweb consumable can be stolen from the following enemies: Grashtrike Queen Grashtrike.

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