The best-selling wines are reds with 65 percent of the market, followed by whites with 25 percent, and sparkling wines with 10 percent. While there are no specific statistics on wine consumption during meals, the beverage has become a staple of many social interactions, such as business dinners.


Statistically, the typical wine drinker is predominantly male, and prefers red, tannic and powerful wines with high levels of alcohol. Despite the male dominance of the wine market, an interesting trend is taking place with regards to the evolution of the female alcohol consumer. Women in Vietnamese society are increasingly entering the business world, travelling more, obtaining higher education, and obtaining more purchasing power.

Wine, with its association with sophisticated taste, is likely to attract a market that understands its value outside of simply physical effects. Of additional interest to wine sellers, women are much more open to new wines than male consumers are, often attending outings at wine bars and wine tastings — making them a clear target market for the future.

Selling wine in Vietnam is still a tricky business for a variety of reasons. A key stumbling block is that customers generally do not buy wine at wine shops.

Reasons for this vary, for example, a poor range of products and overstaffed stores make the clients feel uncomfortable, which hinders their ability to choose the right wine. In addition, the outward appearance of many wine shops is uninviting, the majority of them being homogeneous and lacking any attractive characteristics that might catch a passing eye.

Successful wine shops in Vietnam offer a wider range of wines and have an attractive look. French wines tend to dominate the Vietnamese market, with Bordeaux wine the most popular. However, as the wine market has grown in Vietnam, the dominance of the French imports has been slowly drained away.

wine import tax thailand

InFrench wine exports to Vietnam accounted for Meanwhile, over the same period, imports from Chile have increased nearly ten-fold. The bilateral trade agreement between Vietnam and Chile has largely accounted for this massive increase.

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While still possessing a relatively small market share, in recent years, Italian wines have found considerable success in Vietnam. InItalian wines accounted for 2. There has been similar growth in the following years as well.

wine import tax thailand

Driving the increased popularity of Italian wines has been the perception that Italy is a country that produces high quality and healthy food and beverages. This has led to the view among consumers that Italian wine is more carefully produced and crafted compared to other wines. Chilean wine is increasingly popular in Vietnam.Thailand: Regulations and customs.

Determining Duty Rates

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wine import tax thailand

Non Tariff Barriers Most of the goods can be imported freely. However, certain products require the presentation of a licence given by the Ministry of Commerce.

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This is the case for certain textile items and certain food-processing products. The licences must be applied for one month before the goods shipment, they are valid for six months and can be extended only once.

All food products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics are subject to a licence and must be registered and must seek authorisation of the Food and Drug Administration. Excessively burdensome import requirements, price control and phytosanitary measures can impede commerce.

Please consult the integrated tariff database. Presentation Country risk Economic indicators. Prendre un rendez-vous avec un conseiller entreprise.The HTS is a reference manual that is the size of an unabridged dictionary. Experts spend years learning how to properly classify an item in order to determine its correct duty rate. For instance, you might want to know the rate of duty of a wool suit.

A classification specialist will need to know, does it have darts? Did the wool come from Israel or another country that qualifies for duty-free treatment for certain of its products?

Where was the suit assembled, does it have any synthetic fibers in the lining? The U. Please be aware that the duty rate you request is only as good as the information you provide.

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The actual duty rate of the item you import may not be what you think it should be as a result of your research. CBP makes the final determination of what the correct rate of duty is, not the importer. For very specific duty information on a particular item you may request a Binding Ruling. You may also receive guidance by calling your local CBP port. Skip to main content. Determining Duty Rates.

Last modified:. Share This Page.All regulatory information for exporting wine to Thailand, including the regulatory environment, duties and taxes, and permitted additives.

The Thai economy is South-East Asia's second largest and one of its fastest growing. The system of government is a constitutional monarchy which was established in the early s.

The King and the Royal family have little direct power, however it is illegal to insult or criticise them which has led to some political injustice during election campaigns. Political instability has been an ongoing issue in Thailand. This tariff schedule is provided in Duties and Taxes below.

The internal taxes on wine in Thailand are hefty, and TAFTA does not address these as they are applicable to both imported and domestic wine. The ban applies to all forms of advertising, including the media, at theatres, shows and social functions. Restrictions apply to opening times for certain types of businesses. The minimum age at which people can buy alcohol was increased from 18 to 20 years. Sales of alcohol are banned in educational institutes, temples and gas stations as well as on certain Buddhist holidays other than through permitted hotels.

Thailand has an extensive system of tax regulations in relation to alcohol. The relevant laws include the Food Act B. E administered by the Alcohol Beverage Control Committee.

Labelling requirements for alcoholic beverages are stipulated in Ministerial Notification No.

Export Market Guide - Thailand

Austrade Online — www. Australian wine sector Exports Grape production and pricing Wine production and sales Wine sector at a glance Supply and demand: the state of play. Growing Environment and climate Pest and disease management Planting material Vineyard management. Making Winery management Customer insights. Forms, templates and other information Regulatory services Wine export charge Market access inititiatives Forms and templates Fees Online export declaration and report.

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Export markets - Thailand

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Take an Experience Survey. Can I bring carry in my baggage back alcohol for my personal use or as a gift? Generally, one liter of alcohol per person may be entered into the U.

Virgin Islands or other Caribbean countries are entitled to more. Additional quantities may be entered, although they will be subject to duty and Federal excise taxes, which will be assessed and collected at the Port of Entry. State laws and regulations vary widely from state to state, and may be more restrictive than federal regulations.

States often have restrictions on the amount of alcohol that can be brought in that applies only to the residence of that State. There is no federal limit on the amount of alcohol a traveler may import into the U. Note : The above information is applicable to homemade wine and follows the same procedure as store bought wine.

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Submit a. Report Illegal. Take An. Ports of Entry. Border Patrol Sectors. Preclearance Locations. Deferred Inspection Sites. Get Adobe Reader. Preferred Language. Bringing alcohol including homemade wine to the U. Information Title. URL Name. Don't see what you're looking for?Two acts regulate the manufacturing, import and sale of alcoholic beverages in Thailand.

Undistilled spirits or mixtures of fermented spirits with distilled spirits with alcohol volume less than 15 degrees. Distilled spirits or mixtures of distilled spirits with fermented spirits with alcohol volume more than 15 degrees e. The Excise Department is not only responsible to collect the excise tax on alcohol; they are also the regulatory agency for alcohol production and distribution in accordance with the Liquor Act B.

The licensing system of the Excise Department obliges the licensee to sell the above-mentioned alcoholic beverages in line with Thai regulation.

The other documents required for the license depend on whether the applicant wishes to trade or not:. Copy of liquor selling license Type 1 see below 2. Copy of Invoice and Performa invoice 3. Letter of label approval Except wine 4. Sample of label only wine 5.

Copy of household registration of business place or lease contract 6. Copy of the ID card if it concerns a physical person or a certificate of registration in case of a juristic person 7.

Power of attorney. Copy of the Performa invoice 2. Copy of the ID card if it concerns a physical person or a certificate of registration in case of a juristic person 3.

Our legal and accounting professionals are ready to discuss your business needs and answer any questions you may have. How Can We Help? Request a Consultation. Search for:.Consequently, global trading conditions and access to markets overseas is crucial to the on-going success of the Australian grape and wine community.

Some countries have in place international trade measures for several reasons, including to provide protection for local industries. Most trade measures impose some cost money, time, bureaucracy, quota on trade that alters the price or availability of the imported product relative to the domestic product. The most common trade measure is a tariff—essentially a tax on imports that adds to the cost of imported goods. Australian wine is faced with tariffs in various export markets. However, through free trade agreements FTAssome tariffs are reduced or eliminated, benefitting Australian exporters.

Australia has entered into 11 FTAs with individual countries or groups of countries and a number of other agreements are under negotiation. In this bulletin, we summarise some of the key tariff benefits for Australian wine in these markets [i].

Chile and New Zealand negotiated zero tariffs before Australia, while wine exporters from the United States of America USA are currently are subject to a tariff rate of 24 per cent. Most other countries are in the same position, except Chile and South Africa, which have had zero tariffs on wine since and respectively.

However, Australia has had an agreement on wine with the EU for more than 20 years that eliminates a number of non-tariff measures. This agreement continues to facilitate the export of Australian wine to the EU and gives Australian exporters a significant competitive advantage. Australia and the United Kingdom UK signed an agreement in January to facilitate the continued trade in wine post-Brexit. Image: AdobeStock. This equates to Image: Wine Australia. Australia is by far the leading source of imported wine, with a 78 per cent share of total wine imported by New Zealand.

The tariff on bulk wine was eliminated immediately, while for bottled wine the tariff is currently 5. Chile negotiated an agreement before Australia under which its tariff will be reduced to zero in The tariff on Australian wine was eliminated inwhile the current rate for most other exporting nations is 54 per cent.

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